1.   Short title


   2.   Interpretation


   3.   Contractor deemed to be the sinker of a borehole


   4.   Notice of intention to sink a borehole and keeping records, etc.


   5.   Inspection by geological survey


   6.   Results of pump-tests to be reported


   7.   Completion or abandonment of a borehole


   8.   Special provisions in respect of tribal territories


   9.   Records may be treated as confidential except those relating to water


   10.   Penalty for failing to fulfil obligations



Proc. 62, 1956,
Cap. 119, 1959,
HMC. Order 1, 1963,
L.N. 84, 1966.

Boreholes in Botswana, and the keeping of records and samples relating thereto.

[Date of Commencement: 19th October, 1956]

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