1.   Short title


   2.   Interpretation




The Commission and its Functions


   3.   Establishment of Commission


   4.   Purpose of Commission


   5.   General powers of Commission


   6.   Formation of companies


   7.   General duties of Commission


   8.   Interests of employees


   9.   Powers of Minister in relation to Commission


   10.   Annual report to the Minister


   11.   Other reports to the Minister




Financial Provisions relating to the Commission


   12.   Borrowing powers of Commission


   13.   Provision for redemption of loans


   14.   Charges to revenue account


   15.   Stabilization Reserve


   16.   Development Reserve


   17.   Balancing of revenue account


   18.   Surplus revenues


   19.   Meeting of deficiencies


   20.   Accounts and audit




General Provisions


   21.   Control of export of cattle and the licensing of export slaughter-houses


   22.   Proceedings on failure of Commission to comply with law







Law 22, 1965,
Act 2, 1966,
L.N. 11, 1966,
L.N. 64A, 1966,
L.N. 84, 1966,
Act 22, 1972,
Act 10, 1973,
Act 7, 1974,
Act 35, 1978,
Act 18, 1979,
Act 3, 1986,
Act 26, 2004.

An Act to provide for the establishment of a Commission to be known as the Botswana Meat Commission, to impose certain duties and confer certain powers on the said Commission, to vest in the said Commission certain assets and liabilities, and to provide for matters incidental to the foregoing matters or connected therewith.

[Date of Commencement: 24th December, 1965]

(ss 1-2)


1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Botswana Meat Commission Act.


2.   Interpretation

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-

   "chairperson" means the person appointed as the chairperson of the Commission under paragraph 2(1) of the Schedule;

   "Chief Executive Officer" means the person appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, under paragraph 9(1) of the Schedule;

   "Commission" means the Commission established under section 3;

   "financial year" means a period of 12 months ending on 30th September in any year or on such other day as the Commission may determine;

   "livestock" means cattle and such other kinds of domestic animals as may from time to time be designated by the Minister in terms of section 4(3).

The Commission and its Functions
(ss 3-11)


3.   Establishment of Commission

   (1) There is hereby established a Commission to be known as the Botswana Meat Commission.

   (2) The Commission shall be a body corporate capable of suing and of being sued under the said name.

   (3) The provisions of the Schedule shall have effect with respect to the Commission.


4.   Purpose of Commission

   (1) The purpose for which the Commission is established is to carry on the business referred to in subsections (2) and (3) in such a manner as to promote the interests of the livestock producing industry of Botswana, and in particular to secure that so far as is reasonably possible all livestock offered or available for sale in Botswana to the Commission are purchased and that the prices paid therefor are reasonable and to carry out such other functions as the Minister may, by notice in writing to the Commission, declare to be in the interests of the livestock producing industry.

   (2) The business of the Commission is to purchase cattle and to slaughter the same and prepare and sell the products of such slaughtering or, if the Commission thinks fit, to sell on the hoof cattle so purchased; in addition the Commission may, in its discretion and with the consent of the Minister, promote schemes for the improvement of the standard and condition of cattle to be sent for slaughter or sold on the hoof and promote other commercial schemes for the development and improvement of the livestock industry.

   (3) The provisions of subsection (2) shall have effect, in like manner as they have in respect of cattle, in respect of such other kinds of domestic animals as the Minister may from time to time designate by order published in the Gazette after consultation with the Commission.


5.   General powers of Commission

   Subject to the provisions of this Act, the Commission shall have power to do anything and enter into any transaction which in its opinion is calculated to facilitate the achievement of the purpose for which it is established, or the proper discharge of any function conferred or imposed upon it by or under this Act or any other law, or which is incidental or conducive thereto.


6.   Formation of companies

   (1) The Commission may, with the consent of the Minister, form one or more companies under the Companies Act to carry on any business and to carry out any purpose which the Commission itself may carry on or carry out.

   (2) Any consent to the formation of a company given by the Minister may be given subject to such conditions as he may see fit to impose.


7.   General duties of Commission

   The Commission shall ensure that its business is conducted efficiently and economically, and in a manner which in the opinion of the Commission is best calculated to achieve the purpose for which it is established.


8.   Interests of employees

   (1) The Commission shall take all practicable steps to secure-


   (a)   the safety, health and welfare of persons in its employment or in the employment of others in activities carried on in association with the Commission; and


   (b)   the skill, knowledge or usefulness of such persons in the conduct of the activities in which they are employed.

   (2) In the performance of its duty under subsection (1), and in dealing with matters affecting terms or conditions of employment, the Commission shall, from time to time, except insofar as it is satisfied that adequate machinery exists for achieving the purpose of this subsection, seek consultation with persons or bodies appearing to it to represent or to have qualifications to speak on behalf of substantial numbers of the employees affected.

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