1.   Short title


   2.   Interpretation


   3.   Appointment of Registrar


   4.   Register


   5.   Particulars to be registered


   6.   Imprints on publications printed in Botswana


   7.   Copy of publications to be retained by printer


   8.   Exemptions


   9.   Newspapers printed outside Botswana


   10.   Certified copies to be evidence


   11.   Power to seize certain publications and to search premises


   12.   Regulations


   13.   Penalties



Act 15, 1968.

An Act to make provision for the registration of newspapers, for the imposition of certain duties on printers and publishers, and for matters incidental thereto and connected therewith.

[Date of Commencement: 8th March, 1968]


1.   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Printed Publications Act.


2.   Interpretation

   In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-

   "editor" includes the person or persons actually and finally responsible for the collation or inclusion in any newspaper of the contents thereof, whether such person or persons are expressly employed for such purposes or not;

   "newspaper" means any publication containing news, intelligence, reports of occurrences, or any remarks, observations or comments in relation to such news, intelligence or occurrences or to any other matters of public interest or any comments of a political nature relating to Botswana or persons or events therein, which is printed or published for sale or free distribution at regular or irregular intervals within Botswana;

   "printed" means produced by any process of reproduction;

   "publication" means a document which is or is intended to be published;

   "published" means issued for distribution, by sale or otherwise, to the public or any section thereof;

   "Register" means the Register of Newspapers established under section 4;

   "Registrar" means the Registrar of Newspapers appointed under section 3.

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