Location of Register of Trade Marks Order

Trade Marks Regulations



(under section 23(4))


(22nd April, 1937)








   1.   Citation


   2.   Detention of prohibited imports


   3.   Information required in relation to detained goods


   4.   Security for release of goods


   5.   Form of security


   6.   Forms of "notice" and "bond"


   7.   Giving up of security


   8.   Declaration as to place of manufacture







HCN 84, 1937.


1.   Citation

   These Regulations may be cited as the Trade Marks Regulations.


2.   Detention of prohibited imports

   Goods prohibited to be imported, as having applied to them forged trade marks, false trade descriptions, or figures, letters, marks, names, words, or descriptions otherwise illegal, which upon examination may be detected by the officers of Customs, are to be detained by them without the requirement of previous information.


3.   Information required in relation to detained goods

   In giving information with a view to detention, an informant must fulfil the following conditions-


   (a)   he must give to the Director of Customs and Excise or a Customs officer at the port of entry or expected importation, notice in writing, stating, the marks and numbers, or other descriptions sufficient for their identification of the packages and goods, the mode of conveyance, the manner in which the goods infringe the Act, and the expected day of the arrival of the goods;


   (b)   he must deposit with the Director of Customs and Excise a sum sufficient in the opinion of that officer to cover any additional expense which may be incurred in the examination required by reason of his notice.

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